Australian Football League Women superstar Tayla Harris - Largest story in Australian Football League trading history

Tayla Harris

The first ever Australian Football League official trade period has kicked off today, which includes many interesting moves for sure to be made during the next twelve days.

While we are less likely to grasp as many high profile trades as in the Australian Football League, each club must delist minimum five players from their opening list, while adding eight more.

This means many players will be taxing different colours in 2018 and loads of fresh new talent will be discovered.

One star who is on the bench is Brisbane Lions forward Tayla Harris. It has been wondered throughout the week that 2017 All Australian is considering a transfer to Victoria, with Carlton the suspected front runners.

Largest story in Australian Football League trading history

While the Blues would like to make a contract, giving superstar forward Darcy Vescio a classy forward to crumb off, it will be exciting to see if they can please the Lions requests. Due to the format of the league, all revelries must consent to any trades that happen.

This will make difficult for Carlton to find an appropriate offer for the Lions unless they can influence a player to sacrifice their work promises and move to Brisbane.

Harris, a five-time Junior All Australian, has made the surprising decision to focus on her boxing career and miss state football this season, with her 1st fight, believed to be planned for the middle of the year.

Interestingly, the Lions have prepared a move for Bulldogs midfielder Emma Kearney, proposing they are willing to transfer to the right situations. However, the secondary school instructor declined the proposal, choosing to stay at the Kennel.

While no-one is quite sure how this trade period will play out, we can be definite there will be many actions coming up!

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